Presenter Guidelines | Physical – ADOHTA 2021

Presenter Guidelines | Physical

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The presentation computers use Windows and PowerPoint. Please bring your own equipment and cables if using a Mac or other program/software.

Use 16:9 presentation aspect (4:3 square aspect will not fill the venue screens).

Embed audio and video content, don’t link to external files.

Give consent to publish your slides by responding to the email sent following the conference.

Upload your presentation prior to COB XX.


Presentations should be named with the day, session and time of your presentation (Day_Session_Time)

Bring printed material if required as there are no office facilities at the venue.

Presentations are XX minutes + XX minutes for questions.

Go to your session room 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the session chair and AV technician. Familiarise yourself with the room and audiovisual setup.

Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB.

Sit at the front so you can move to the lectern after the Session Chair introduces you.

If you need assistance, ask your Session Chair. AV Technicians will troubleshoot any technical issues.

You must start and end on time to avoid impacting other sessions and activities in the program. Session Chairs will end your presentation if it runs overtime.

Session Chairs will flash timecards at 5 mins, 2 mins and 1 min prior to the end of your session.

When the bell rings, you must stop speaking – this signals the end of your session.

Session Chairs will only field questions if there is sufficient time remaining.

Thank your attendees and Session Chair!