2019 NSW & ACT Conference – Workshops – ADOHTA 2021

2019 NSW & ACT Conference – Workshops

Saturday 19 October 2019

The ADOHTA National AGM 

The ADOHTA National AGM will be held on the Saturday morning. It will be a breakfast AGM (no cost), however, attendees will need to indicate if they are attending during the online registration process.


EMS and GC Australasia Dental will be hosting workshops on Saturday. Delegates wishing to attend workshops can register during the online registration process. 

If you cannot attend the conference on Friday 18 October, you can still register to attend the workshop/s on Saturday only.  Register via the online registration.

New concepts in periodontal and implant maintenance

2 CPD points

Saturday 19 October
Presented by Tabitha Acret 

$195 per person for conference attendee
$295 per person for non-conference attendee

Are you ready to shift your paradigms to include Guided Biofilm Therapy as your go-to approach for preventive and periodontal maintenance treatments? If so, this hands-on CPD workshop is for you!

Participants will discover Guided Biofilm Therapy and learn why it integrates with the modern concept of preventive and minimally invasive dentistry. All participants will have an opportunity to follow the complete Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol step-by-step on simulation models. The workshop will guide you to alter your protocols to include full-mouth biofilm removal with low-abrasive powders and air polishing devices prior to hard deposit removal with ultrasonic technology. It’s also safe on implants, exposed root surfaces and delicate restorative material. You’ll learn to maximise efficiency and patient comfort.


  • Correctly utilise supra and sub gingival air polishing devices to eliminate biofilm prior to hard deposit removal
  • Correctly apply ultrasonic instrumentation for optimal hard deposit removal
  • Learn which, when and where to utilise the different prophylaxis powders

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.






Tabitha Acret is a qualified dental hygienist and has been part of the dental industry for 20 years. She has worked as a dental nurse, dental receptionist and practice manager. She holds a BOH from Newcastle University and is currently undertaking further studies in Sleep Medicine. Tabitha is registered with the Australian Dental board and was the previous chair for the NSW Dental Hygienist Associaltion Australia Ltd and is the current NT Director for the DHAA Ltd . She is a regular at CPD events with a passion for learning and making a difference in her patients’ lives. Tabitha currently works 3 days a week in private practice, was a previous clinical educator one day a week at Sydney University for 2nd year BOH students until her recent move to the NT in Australia to help set up an implant maintenance program in private practice and is an educator with the Swiss Dental Academy.

Surface Protection
Don’t just “Watch it” – “Protect it”!
3 CPD points

Saturday 19 October 
Presented by Paulette Smith 



$195 per person for conference attendee
$295 per person for non-conference attendee

Strategies for protecting vulnerable tooth surfaces including:

  • Erupting molars
  • Exposed root surfaces
  • Around orthodontic brackets

Increase your scope of practice whilst delivering better oral health outcomes for your patients.

Through this presentation you will learn how to protect erupting molars, exposed root surfaces and enamel around orthodontic brackets using Fuji VII EP and MI Varnish.

These products and techniques when adopted have the potential to create new business and encourage recall appointments.

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.








Paulette graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Therapy (high distinction) and has spent over Twelve years working in both private practice and in the public sector, with a focus on preventive dentistry and oral health education.

Paulette joined GC Australasia Dental over Ten years ago in a sales and clinical education training role including facilitating hands on workshops. She has also been fortunate to participate in several international hands on courses focusing on aesthetic restorative dentistry and fibre technology.