Creating a global voice for Dental and Oral Health Therapists – ADOHTA 2021

Creating a global voice for Dental and Oral Health Therapists

Arish Naresh 

The International Oral Health Association was launched at the 4th Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Scientific Conference on Saturday 6th April 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. This significant day also marked the inaugural International Dental and Oral Health Therapy Day, and this day will now be celebrated annually by the profession and community worldwide.

IOHA is an international, membership-based organisation (not for profit) that serves as the main representative body for oral health therapy (a profession that encompasses the dental therapy, dental hygiene and orthodontic auxillary professions) professions. Founded in 2019, IOHA fosters exchange and develops a common vision to advance the science and practice of oral health therapy.

IOHA aims to deliver innovative solutions to address the global oral disease burden and improve oral health. As the leading global advocate for oral health, IOHA will strive to achieve our vision of leading the world to optimal oral health by working at both the national and international level.

IOHA’s mission is shaped by six complementary and comprehensive areas of action. These are represented by the acronym SMILES and these translate to:
-Strong global advocacy
-Member support
-Information transfer
-Lessen the burden of oral health disease by increasing access and reducing barriers for the public to access and maintain optimal oral health.

This presentation is to inform the audience of the role of IOHA and the contribution of ADOHTA and NZDOHTA to its formation