Whole Mouth Health – An Evolving Paradigm in Oral Health – ADOHTA 2021

Whole Mouth Health – An Evolving Paradigm in Oral Health

1530 – 1630

In recent years there have been some exceptional advances in oral health care and technology to enhance clinical practice. Advances in diagnostics, risk assessment, prevention and treatment are set to revolutionize dentistry. Despite this, dental caries and periodontal disease remain two of the most common chronic diseases affecting all populations around the world. Both of these diseases have a multifactorial pathogenesis and can be prevented if risk assessment and preventive strategies are implemented early in life. Notwithstanding this, attaining and maintaining optimal oral health remains a significant challenge. A new paradigm of “whole mouth health” is being adopted as a strategy to improve individuals’ oral health based on evolving technologies. This presentation will explore the concept of whole mouth health and the roles that both oral health professionals and patients themselves can play in this.