Early interceptive Orthodontic Treatment in the mixed dentition – ADOHTA 2021

Early interceptive Orthodontic Treatment in the mixed dentition

0850 – 1030 

Early interceptive treatment is orthodontic treatment performed at an early age during the early mixed dentition and before the establishment of the permanent dentition. Children as early as 6 years old can exhibit significant crowding, severe dentofacial discrepancies, and facial asymmetries. Patients that present with these problems are good candidates for early orthodontic/dentofacial orthopaedic evaluation and treatment.

Fundamental objectives of early intervention

  • Normalization of skeletal dysplasias and asymmetries
  • Promote appropriate jaw size to encourage the proper eruption of the permanent teeth
  • Develop optimum alveolar bone support and appropriate buccal root torque/angulation for permanent teeth
  • Recognition of upper airway obstruction and establishment of upper airway patency
  • Improvement of occlusal function
  • Intervention and termination of recalcitrant habits (i.e., thumb and finger sucking)
  • Utilization of future growth
  • Recognition of excessive growth, i.e. the mandible

    Educational aims and objectives

This lecture aims to discuss the fundamental objectives of early interceptive orthodontic treatment.

Expected outcomes

  • Recognize some fundamental objectives of early interceptive treatment.
  • Identify early interceptive orthodontic treatment plans.
  • Realize some consequences of delaying interceptive treatment.
  • Recognize some specific elements for normalization of the dentofacial components.