Antimicrobial Stewardship – ADOHTA 2021

Antimicrobial Stewardship

0930 – 1030

Antimicrobial stewardship, or AMS for short, is a term that describes strategies for improving antibiotic appropriateness and minimising antibiotic risks such as resistance, side effects and cost. OHP’s can make a significant contribution to AMS especially since the principles apply not just to antibacterials, but to antifungals, antivirals and antiparasitic medicines as well.  AMS promotes optimal decision-making about when to use and when not to use antibiotics as well as optimising drug choice, dose, and duration tailored to the patient and current infection. In the dental setting, AMS principles apply to antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment, including appropriate patient selection, management of claimed allergies and the need to follow latest recommendations which have changed a lot in the last few years.