Daily communication skills and tips – ADOHTA 2021

Daily communication skills and tips

1530 – 1600

From beginning as a practitioner at the age of 21 years, to now being in management and having my own patient base, I believe it is vital to review and self reflect on your communication skills daily. Topics to cover:

1) The new graduate; being organised, asking the right type of questions. Taking the pressure off by giving the patient pro’s and con’s of treatment

2) Working with your employer; being upfront about your qualifications and your abilities. Allowing adequate time for procedures to decrease time pressures.

3) Uniformity and knowledge of the practitioners you work alongside. Knowing that if you have to refer what is and isn’t your responsibility.

4) Role model; being thorough in your note taking and recording of discussions.

5) My experience in leadership; managing staff, rosters, abilities, flexibility, policies.