Oral side effects of common medications – ADOHTA 2021

Oral side effects of common medications

1530 – 1600   

The association between oral and general health is complex. Oral health has previously been associated with systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bacterial pneumonia. Pharmacotherapy is an important part of management of many health conditions and xerostomia is  commonly associated with a wide variety of medications. Managing oral side effects of medications is therefore important in preventing oral diseases such as caries, periodontal disease and erosion, as well as overall physical health and quality of life. With new medications frequently coming into the market, it is important for dental practitioners to understand how to keep updated on the impacts this will have on their patients. This presentation will discuss common medications, their oral health impacts and multidisciplinary management. By using databases to effectively search for information, hygienists and therapists will be able to independently find evidence relevant to the medications being taken by their patients.